Mission Statement Aug 2016

Our mission can be summed up as:

  • Godly Living – loving God by trusting in Christ and obeying the Word (Matthew 22.37)
  • Church Growth – making disciples by telling the world and serving the church (Matthew 28.19)
  • Changing Britain – loving our neighbour by caring for needs and contending for truth (Matthew 22.39)

You can read more about our mission in our Christian Discipleship sermon series. 

Our Vision

Our vision at St Joseph's is that we will be a church that reaches out to its local community, to Newcastle, Tyneside and Britain with the good news and love of Jesus Christ. At St Joseph's church, we are praying to grow to 600 over the next five years.

But we also fit into a bigger picture. St Joseph's was launched with the help and support of, and in partnership with Jesmond Parish Church (JPC). For many years, JPC has had a vision to grow by the grace and for the glory of God, as more and more people on Tyneside and beyond join us in our mission of Godly Living, Church Growth and Changing Britain. 

Our prayer is that, in a generation from now, 5000 people will belong to a large church that incorporates and grows out of JPC, and another 5000 will be in churches that have been planted in this region and potentially around the country and the world. Healthy churches of all sizes are needed in this country, but our vision is for large and growing churches that plant large and growing churches.

You can read more about our vision here