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We’re glad you’re here. Everyone is welcome – whether you’re looking into Christianity for the first time, or have been a Christian for years, we’d love to welcome you along.

We'd love to get to know you

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For those considering making St Joseph’s their church, we find that the four commitments below help us to live out what God calls us to be as church family, and to feel at home!


The Bible calls us “not to give up meeting together”. Sundays are our main time of fellowship when we gather together to hear God’s word, sing his praise, pray and encourage one another. There are many calls on our time, but we want to encourage everyone to make Sundays a priority – it’s good for us and helps us to grow in love for God and for one another.

Small Groups

Meeting together as a church family on a Sunday is our key time of fellowship, but it’s also important to be part of a smaller fellowship group in order to feel at home at St Joseph’s and to live out what it means to be church family together. Small groups provide an opportunity to get to know others on a deeper level, to share life together, to pray, and to study the Bible together in a trusted group where we can ask honest questions and challenge one another to think “what difference should this make in our lives? What is God teaching us?”


One image the Bible uses for the church is the body – where every part plays a different role and each part is vital and appreciated. If we’re to live out what God calls us to be as a church family, everyone needs to get stuck in – using their gifts and playing a part. There are many different was to serve at St Joseph’s – and we often find it really helps folks to feel at home here too.


God is incredibly generous to us in so many ways – most of all in giving us his precious Son. We in turn are to give generously out of what he has given us – to support the mission of the church and to show radical generosity to those around us. We encourage members of the church family to give regularly and generously via our giving scheme. You can find more details about how to give here.